If you are already enjoying your self-employment as a language teacher, then you might be thinking about the next step. Or maybe you would like to join as an online teacher straight away.

Switch from offline to online lessons

Many teachers who previously only teach offline and want to switch to an online report that their learners do not want to switch. It’s a delicate situation. Because you have enough learners, but they just don’t want to study online. Do you know that, too?

I want to tell you how I solved this problem.

When I wanted to switch to online classes, I told my students about it with euphoria and anticipation in the hope that they would be as excited as I was. Why not. The still online classes offers so many benefits! But it wasn’t like that. My students resisted it with hands and feet – for weeks. I decided to use a little strategy to convince them.

My small but fine persuasion strategy

Every time a learner came to an offline class, I would tell them that I had my first online class with another learner yesterday and how amazing it was. Next time, I told them that another learner had tried the online class and didn’t want to go back.

I also offered each of them that we could simply set everything up together and test the online lessons for 10 minutes. Then he or she can decide for himself whether he wants to hold the next lesson via Skype.

And so I did it over and over again – until 90% of my learners tried the online classes. And guess what happened. You stuck with it. 3 of my learners absolutely do not want to. But that was ok.

It was a little more difficult with my corporate clients. In general, it was only the beginning of e-learning back then. Today, however, people and companies are much more used to communicating online.

Corporate customers will certainly be easier to convince if video telephony is part of everyday life for them and hire a home office or remote worker.

Are you also struggling to convince your offline learners to take online lessons? Please tell us about your experiences in the language teacher think tank!

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