Westin Rinehart has developed strategy and communications programs for several prominent clients and organizations. Our work is guided by the simple goal of helping our clients emerge as better-managed organizations with more clearly articulated values. 

Examples of how we have helped several prominent clients.

Case Study 1

At the start of the decade, the government mandated that cities spend billions to fix a common infrastructure problem. Company A came to Westin Rinehart with a state-of-the-art solution to resolve these cities’ municipal infrastructure crisis. Company X would concurrently install telecommunications technology and repair the city’s infrastructure problem. Westin Rinehart successfully shopped Company A’s proposal to various elected officials and city administrators as well as engineering firms, financial backers, and telecommunications companies to implement Company A’s novel idea throughout the country. Without Westin Rinehart’s governmental wherewithal, Company A’s proposal would not have left the shelf.

Case Study 2

Company C, a leading financial services company, sought to increase visibility in its top markets to gain a competitive edge. Through Westin Rinehart’s governmental wherewithal, Westin Rinehart gave Company C access to Mayors in these top markets and held a gala recognizing best practices in Company C’s target audience. The result of Westin Rinehart’s efforts has been to co-brand a partnership between Company C and the city.

Case Study 3

Company D, an industry leader, which services Fortune 500 firms found itself with a unsatisfied customer. The client attacked Company D on both a community level and a regulatory level – effectively seeking to destroy Company D. Westin Rinehart developed a two-pronged strategy. First, Westin Rinehart targeted key relationships and reached out to elected officials, clergy, community organizations, and thought leaders to successfully convince key leaders of the merits of Company D’s position. Next, Westin Rinehart garnered Congressional support for Company D’s regulatory practices. Westin Rinehart organized national forums with national organizations and thought leaders to espouse and partner with Company D. in effect, Westin Rinehart saved Company D’s brand and assisted in raising the profile of the firm’s executive leadership.

Case Study 4

Person X, a relative unknown pop singer with a booming voice and a sales-sluggish album, enlisted Westin Rinehart in order to build a brand and launch a career. Westin Rinehart paired Person X with an industry-leading brand in order to effectively promote the new star and ensure top-billing. Concomitantly, Westin Rinehart took a fresh marketing approach that did not follow industry norms. Through a grass roots marketing tactic, Westin Rinehart sponsored a national school tour and managed fan growth to lead to a teen-run street marketing blitz. As a result of Westin Rinehart’s efforts, Person X’s album moved up the charts, and she became an identifiable celebrity brand within her target audience as well as with other consumers of the pop culture.

Case Study 5

Company X, a subsidiary of an industry leader, came to Westin Rinehart in order to turn around their stagnant brand. In order to reach a core target audience and expand brand recognition, Westin Rinehart aligned the brand with strategic events and galas. Westin Rinehart used its political, corporate, and entertainment wherewithal to expose high profile individuals to Company X’s brand. By placing the brand in the right hands, Westin Rinehart garnered elite press and built a market presence and brand recognition in Company X’s target audience.