After experiencing water, fire or other residential or business damage, you’re probably going to have numerous discussions with your insurance company. If the provider agrees to cover some or all of the restoration process costs, the company will supply you with the name of their recommended choice for restoration provider.

But are you locked in by their choice?

This question is a puzzler for many people, especially if they’ve never been through the experience of needing professional restoration. However, it’s always smart to do a little investigating on your own because the answer is simple: You can make your own decision regarding a restoration company.

Water & Fire Restoration Specialist or General Contractor for water damage?

 Why Insurance Carriers Make Professional Restoration Suggestions

If you have the freedom to choose any professional restoration company you want, why would your insurance carrier bother to make a suggestion? Several factors are at play.

First, the insurance company may actually be a stakeholder in the professional restoration business. This means they own all or part of it or get some kind of financial advantage if you work with that specific business.

Secondly, the insurance company recognizes that many claims will be made by first-time claimants who are overwhelmed. Making a professional restoration company recommendation is a way to ease the claimants into pushing the process along faster. The sooner the claim is settled, the sooner the insurance company can close the files.

Finally, the insurance company may have a list of preferred providers that have paid for their status. Thus, the insurance company has no reason not to suggest them. At the same time, though, the insurance company may not know whether the provider can offer quality services.

Pros to Making a Personal Decision for Professional Restoration Solutions

As with any type of residential or corporate decision, hiring a professional restoration provider should never be made in haste. Yes, it can be emotional to deal with a fire, water damage, mold remediation or other situation. At the same time, it’s always best to feel completely confident in the team doing the clean-up and restoration of your property.

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