The world has become a 24/7 information autobahn. While you can still target your message to strike a particular audience, when you fire, it hits everybody. Every word, every press release, every news story can be seen by anyone, anywhere. So, if your news release says one thing and your letter to shareholders says another, which one will they believe?

Westin Rinehart integrates and specializes in media relations, advocacy and government affairs; image and brand marketing.

Our tactics include executive media training, crisis communications, issue management, opinion research, labor and legal public relations, grassroots organizing, ally development, brand development and coalition advocacy. In today’s online world, we also strategically use websites, weblogs, online advertising and direct-mail campaigns built around an opt-in databases.

We also have an Advocacy Division that can lobby a change in the law or prepare you for an appearance before a governmental entity that’s looking for answers to an industry challenge or a recent scandal.

Our job is to determine which tactics work best for your needs; your job is to simply enjoy the fruits of a fully-integrated communications plan. 

Brand Management

Understanding the importance of creating compelling brands and targeted campaigns that speak directly to core audiences is more important that ever. Our deep understanding of targeting marketing consistently opens doors for corporate America, educating top executives on the latest trends to predict and motivate popular culture behavior. Our focus is on results that positively effect sales, promote growth or protect the brand. 

Reputation Management

Our expertise is working with government and business leaders to anticipate and navigate tough, high-stakes situations.

More and more CEOs now understand that protecting and cultivating a firm’s reputation adds value and competitive advantage in the global marketplace oftentimes over a superior product, service or technology.

We also can help you build strategic alliances or mobilize coalitions with interest groups, business organizations, political parties and non-governmental organizations, labor unions and academia. 


We are experts at creating integrated communications programs that more than educate key thought leaders, targeted audiences and public officials – they motivate. 

Using proactive government affairs, influencer programs and grassroots community outreach, we craft unique strategies that educate and influence public policy at the national, state and local level. Not only do we understand how to promote your key messages we also devise strategic programs to help mitigate the opposition. As part of the Westin Rinehart Solution, we identify and form strategic alliances to protect both lurking challenges and sudden crisis; tackling everything from government to community approval for corporate initiatives. 

Westin Rinehart Solution

We deliver highly personalized and senior-level counsel, analysis and strategy common in boutique firms but backed by an unmatched network and access to those whose opinion matters: specialists, journalists, policy and decision makers at all levels of business, media and government.