Aquarius loves natural people, who do not appear to be anything different or have a double face. If you don’t like something, tell him, he prefers you to be sincere, even if you don’t always agree, to put a good face on him and stab him from behind.

This is one of the keys to strengthen your relationship, and that you become a couple that has nothing to envy other mythical fiction.

Let him show you his affection without pressing

If you are too on top of Aquarius, he will end up overwhelming himself and doing just the opposite of what you ask him to do. However, if you let him be the one to come to you, he will feel much more comfortable, and his displays of affection and affection will be much greater. The less you pressure him, the more on you he will be. Sounds like you, right?

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Nothing to go off your tongue with their things

For Aquarius, if there is something important in a relationship, it is loyalty. Therefore, if he asks you to keep a secret for him (especially if it is something personal) and you go off the hook, he will feel deeply disappointed. Keep in mind that they are very reserved and hermetic people, and if they have trusted you it is because they consider you someone important because they do not usually do it lightly. Also, because they have such a hard time trusting people, if you break that trust once, it will be very difficult to regain it.

Make him feel free

Aquarius defends tooth and nails their individual freedom and the fact that being in a relationship does not mean that no one owns anyone. For this reason, you should not try to impose anything on him, but the dialogue and let him be the one who is responsible for his own decisions. At the least you feel drowned in the relationship, you will need to take a break from time to time, and one of the times you do, you may never come back.

Respect their space

Although they are very sociable people, they also need moments of solitude and reflection. If you do not let him have these moments of personal space, you will cause stress and tension that will end up wearing him out. In addition, you can take advantage of it to catch up with your friends or go visit your parents. You will both appreciate it.


We have already told you about his trust problems and the value he places on loyalty. For this reason, Aquarius does not like the little games of trying to make him jealous to get his attention. If he mistrusts you, that relationship is doomed, as he may be able to forgive almost anything but betrayal.

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