His favorite colors are contrasts and shimmering orange trees. His favorite color is red, but he also appreciates the purity of white.

Its metals are iron and steel.

Its element is Fire.

Its flowers are hawthorn, star jasmine.

Its master planet is Mars.

His birthstones are diamond and ruby.

The diamond symbolizes eternal love, duration, or endurance, and Aries when wearing a diamond, Aries connects with this energy of continuity, endurance, longevity.

The ruby protects against misfortune and ill health. The ruby helps Aries to open her heart and find love.

Work and sport are very important to him. The Aries out of energy, life force, and life force. He is known to be impulsive and a go-getter. He has the temperament of a leader, a conqueror, a pioneer. The Aries do not lack courage, dexterity, address, and skill. He targets prestigious positions which directly or indirectly affect power. Otherwise, he earns his living as a self-employed or contract worker, professional athlete, or coach. He can also stand out as a businessman or woman, poet, artist, or writer.

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His friends are :

Gemini with whom he will maintain a good companionship. They will exude the same alertness, the same sense of improvisation.

The Virgin will devote herself to her cause and both will complement each other to carry out the projects.

Capricorn with whom he will have rich and inspiring exchanges. But their opposite characters will eventually divide them. Only friendship will survive between them!

The Aquarius will not be enough keyed to his liking, but they will become both extremely accomplices.

Pisces will be his best advisers, allies, and friends. However, the evanescence of Pisces will confront him at times.

Her perfect match in love is:

Leo is as ardent and sentimental as he is. They will merge in passion. The only possible snag would be their mutual pride, which could, unfortunately, end up extinguishing the flame of love.

Libra with whom he maintains a great complementarity: they naturally attract each other. At worst, they will maintain a long and harmonious friendship.

Scorpio or someone with Scorpio ancestry will make them feel like they’ve met in a previous life.

Sagittarius will bring him the exhilaration, activism, and greyness that he needs so much to feel alive. His two exalted natures will bring a great deal to each other.

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