How does the Capricorn behave in a partnership?

They start late, but then they start properly

The term late bloomer hits the bull’s eye with most Capricorn. They only get going slowly in their youth but are still active in old age when others have long stopped thinking about the most beautiful thing in the world.

Interested in stable relationships

It may be that they have a restless phase in their youth, but even in this phase, Capricorns are already thinking about bonding later. Marriage can make the Capricorn more warm-hearted and more human because in his single years he is still too sober and success-oriented.

Looking for a happy partner

It is particularly important for a Capricorn to find a happy and hopeful person as a companion who can quickly drive away his dark thoughts because he himself tends to be pessimistic.

Relationship tips for a happy partnership

Capricorn is ambitious and wants to achieve something in his lifeHe likes a partner who supports him, maybe even has good contacts, and stands up for him. But you have to stimulate him a little, your Capricorn, otherwise, your love life threatens to wither.

No wonder, as exhausted as he is after a long day, he doesn’t also feel like taking the initiative on his own. But he would like to be convinced by you. Because he is by no means averse to erotic signals, they can also be a little more direct.

In any case, the Capricorn does not believe in subtle remarks or partners who express their wishes through the flower. He values ​​clear, unambiguous communicationIf you want to convince him of something, make him aware of all the advantages that it will bring to him.

Remain rational, too many emotions, reproaches, or even tears only irritate him. If, on the other hand, you are reliable and predictable, you will make your Capricorn partner happy. Because he likes it best when everything goes as usual and is not a fan of surprises.

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