In the case of teachers, with the current pandemic, we have witnessed how they have been forced to rethink their work and interaction with students, and how homes have become spaces to facilitate virtual learning for hundreds of children and adolescents. The scenario of classrooms, desks, and boards changed to that of the halls, dining rooms, and rooms for each of the students.

Bibiana Garavito, director of the Preschool Section of the New York School, says that teachers have had to find innovative ways to involve all their students, learning the development of new technological skills to advance classes. “The teachers went from having days with a lot of physical activity and movement to having the whole day in front of a screen.”

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Garavito narrates, from his experience, the actions that must be taken into account to teach in preschool – that is, to the smallest of the home – during the pandemic.

1. Adjust the curriculum by organizing schedules that allow them to advance in the development of age-specific skills, giving the intensity that the appropriation of communicative tools of the mother tongue and other dimensions of development requires, without forgetting their deep need for movement physical activity. According to the WHO, children between the ages of 3 and 5 should spend at least 180 minutes doing various types of physical activity of any intensity, including a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to high-intensity physical activity, spread over the day; the more the better.

2. Involve families or private tutors as main allies for the development of study plans, which are designed to keep the senses and learning devices active to continue the process at home. 

3. Balance the time spent in front of a screen taking into account the impact of exceeding the maximum recommended per day for preschool children, considering moments of synchronous and asynchronous learning. According to the WHO, a preschool child should not spend more than an hour at a time in front of a screen.

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